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About me
I was born in Haifa in 1957. My art is deeply rooted in my family's spiritual history and geographical location. Roman family had lived in the holy city of Safed for five generations.

I try to capture not only the play of light in the fields and forests; the shimmering images of a physical landscape, My works also suggest a different light. The stretches of wild flowers in the wood, the dark trunks of trees, are suffused with a more mysterious light; a spiritual radiance emanating from Nature

For years, my heart went after the French Impressionism; I particularly loved Claude Monet's ways of seeing the world. I started to search for photographic ways to enrich the viewer's senses, experiencing natures many spheres. I started to experiment with photographic techniques to recreate such expressions. Finally, I developed my unique style of Impressionistic photography.

Although I lives in the heart of Tel Aviv - Israel's major city, I constantly looks to nature for sustenance and searches for amongst the landscape of Israel's, trees, fields and flowers.

My impressionistic photographic images are created in the field, using nothing but an old Nikon film camera. No filters are used and no lab or computer manipulation is utilized.

Since 2009 I began to use digital cameras and today Nikon DSLR's are my main tool.

I teach nature-art photography workshops for small groups of creative photographers as well as giving private lessons for talented individuals.
I also lecture about my unique Impressionistic Photography.

I am working for Israeli Educational Television since 1983. I am married, has three boys, and happily lives with our dog in Tel Aviv.


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